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‘I can do that’
Bottle Rocket is a fully independent British brand with only one My names Jason Salsbury and I am the owner, designer, marketing manager, social media content creator and the only unfortunate soul responsible for the massive bank loan required to fund this crazy (some may say cool) dream!!
I’ve been many things in my professional life, from a burger flipper for five pretty famous guys to a shark expert...but art and clothing have always been my passion. So after knocking around for a few years gaining experience in the retail and printing industries (all the while moonlighting as a freelance designer), I finally decided I was ready to take the plunge and start my own brand!!
So what the hell is a Bottle Rocket??!! Some say it’s a rude innuendo! Others say it’s a fun but dangerous science experiment you can make at home!! For me, a Bottle Rocket is just a cool word that sparked my creative side!!
That said I’ve always had a clear idea for the brand....An ethos if you will!!
1) design design design 
The brand is all about the art! It’s about making statements, being stupid/weird and bringing people together through wearing these designs loud and proud
2) Quality 
I’m a stickler for long lasting clothing, So I use nothing but the best apparel to ensure all my products will look fresh for as long as possible
3) Community 
My main mission with this brand is to bring people together through art!! I want to create a community of like minded individuals that live for all things creative!! I want people to interact with the brand, collaborate and create! 


So there you have it!! I hope you dig my brand and what I’m trying to accomplish here! 


Peace Out,